Votre Ville: Paris, France

Melody Gardot

Nom du lieu: Olympia Hall (L'Olympia)
Adresse: 28 Boulevard des Capucines, Paris 75009
Catégories: Concerts & Tour Dates
Date: 2019.07.11, 20:30


Nom: Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot is an American musician in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was disabled at 19, after being struck by a car while atop her bicycle. This event, though tragic, led to her recognition as a remarkable musician. Her ability to overcome her physical limitations and her ability to write and perform despite her pain, makes her an inspiration. However, her music, even without the associated back-story, is impressive all on its own: "Her EP “Some Lessons — The Bedroom Sessions” is in part a chronicle of her struggle to maintain her identity against the backdrop of disability. She has not exploited these circumstances, nor hidden them. It is all rather matter-of-fact. Yet even without the drama of her recovery, she would still have had plenty of interest from media and audiences, for she is truly a dynamic and sincere talent." - Montgomery Co. News

Catégories: Music, Music: Jazz